Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Just Like Batter Dipped but Better!

Who doesn't love fried chicken, onion rings or even batter dipped veggies?  Some of my favorite foods before going gluten-free were traditionally fried foods.  On my search to try and find the best "batter" for gluten-free fried foods on my favorites list...I found out my son was gluten intolerant as well.  This search went into overdrive as my son's favorite food is batter dipped chicken nuggets.  In trying to make a gluten-free batter, I found that it is often times gummy or didn't stick to your food once you placed it in the pan for frying.  After many trials, as a last ditch effort to come up with something that my son would eat in place of his beloved chicken nuggets I found it...the alternative to a batter for dredging your favorite frying foods.  To my amazement it was so simple I just plain overlooked it.  The mystery item...Millet Flour.  that's it, plain and simple. To make that crispy batter dipped texture and taste on your chicken, onions and veggies.

The recipe is simple, you will need:

Your favorite frying food
Millet Flour
egg, milk or water
spices of your choice
frying oil

First, put Millet Flour in a bowl with a blend of your favorite spices to season the flour.  Next, have another bowl ready with egg, milk or water.  Dredge your food in the egg, milk or water and then in the flour.  If you want a thicker coat repeat the process.  Place dredged food in a pan with enough frying oil to cover the food half way (make sure the oil is hot before placing the food in to fry).  Fry till golden brown and then flip and repeat on the other side.

I can't believe it was so simple & delicious.  I hope you enjoy it as much as my son and I do.  If you would like, you can opt to bake your food instead of frying.  It works just as well.