Laurie Cole - With a love for people, the health & well-being of others, a passion for really good food & a creative edge - Laurie embarked on a journey that has brought hope into the lives of many. As Chef/Owner of Le Garden Bakery, Laurie has spent the past 12 years developing allergy-friendly recipes that are free from gluten, dairy, nuts, oats, soy, corn, potato, egg and even sugar. She also has extensive knowledge of specialty diets including vegetarian, vegan, low-carb and macrobiotics to name a few.  Just as strong as her love for food is her passion for health.  That's why Laurie is also a Holistic Health & Wellness Coach. While offering consulting services, she is currently pursuing her Natural Health Practitioners Degree at The American College of Healthcare Sciences. Laurie is married to Duane Cole and they reside together in Lansing, NY with their 12 yr. old son, Elijah, whom they homeschool and Lily Mae, their Black Laborador Retriever.  You can follow Laurie's blog at Le Garden Bakery and Twitter.

Julie Ehrentraut - Having been intrigued by photography and business, Julie pursued a career in photography at the mere age of 17. Over the course of 11 yrs., she became a well known wedding/portrait photographer in the Finger Lakes region of NY. While building her business, Julie was employed at and eventually managed Ritz Camera in Ithaca, NY where she aquired extensive sales skills. After 11 yrs. in the business, Julie was ready for a change. Hearing Laurie's idea for Le Garden Bakery, Julie decided to jump on board for a new adventure. From 2005 to 2008 Julie drove the sales as executive sales manager and commercial photographer. In December 2005, her son, Zachariah was born. Having to deal with spectrum/sensory disorders, Julie decided to temporarily step down from Le Garden to take care of her son. While home, pursued a love for cake decorating and became a Certified Wilton Cake Decorating Instructor for A.C. Moore. As a teacher and a life coach, Julie's goal is to help others realize their dreams and fulfill them. Julie is married to Dave Ehrentraut and they reside together in Locke, NY with their 4 yr. old son, Zachariah. You can follow Julie's blog at Julie's Cake Class.