Upcoming Classes & Events

All classes are free of: wheat | gluten | dairy | peanuts | treenuts | shellfish
Classes will cover substitutions for multiple food allergies where applicable.  Some classes will also be free of:  potato | corn | soy | sesame | eggs | coconut and various other food allergens.  Please contact Laurie with food allergen concerns.
Important Notice:  Most classes have a 16 person limit.  If you register no later than 7 days before class starts, you will recieve a discount on most classes.  Classes fill up very fast, so early registration is recommended.  If a class is full when you register, please contact Julie and let her know which class you wish to take.  We will open up another date for that class, if possible.  Once registered, Julie will contact you with information pertaining to the class you are registered for, prior to the class start date. 
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Marshmallow Peeps - Join us for a great time making this childhood favorite, just in time for Easter!  Learn how to make an all-natural marshmallow, safe for your allergy sensitive individuals.  Then, turn it into a Peep masterpeice!  So easy and delicious, you won't want to miss it!  Due to its popularity, this class will be held on two different days.   
REGISTER NOW - Class starts 3/24/10
REGISTER NOW - Class starts 3/31/10
Indulgent Vegan Truffles - If you're a chocolate lover than these truffles are a must in your culinary repitoire!  Dairy-free and delicious, you will learn how to make a rich truffle filling that can be flavored and coated in a number of ways.  Due to its popularity, this class will be held on two different days. 

REGISTER NOW - Class starts 3/28/10
REGISTER NOW - Class starts 5/07/10
It's a Pizza Party! - Who doesn't love pizza?  In this hands-on class, you will learn how to make a fabulous gluten-free pizza crust topped with all the fixins!  Be sure to take this class with a friend and enjoy the pizza party!
Fabulously Flavored Waffles - In this hands-on class, we'll be taking waffles to a whole new level!  You will learn how to make three different flavored waffles, how to turn a simple waffle into an elegant dessert, and more! 
REGISTER NOW - 4/25/10
It's Pasta & Garlic Bread Night! - This class is for pasta lovers!  In this hands-on class, you will learn how to make perfect pasta, two simple sauces and a fabulous garlic bread - all gluten-free! 
REGISTER NOW  - 4/16/10
Liven It Up with Red, Black & White Quinoa!- Quinoa is the perfect grain for making Tabouli, cold salads and warm dishes.  In this hands-on class, we'll show you how to make three delicious quinoa dishes, including a protein rich mashed potato substitute!
REGISTER NOW  - 4/11/10
Flash Back!  Retro Cookies You Will Love! - This is a great class to enjoy with a friend or child 10 yrs. old and up.  In this hands-on class you will lexperience a blast from the past as you learn how to make whoopie pies, ice box cookies and more!
REGISTER NOW - 5/02/10
Check-Out What Classes Coming May/June:
Cupcake Baking & Decorating Basics
- Learn how to make rich, vanilla cupcakes from scratch and add your own personal touch with simple decorating techniques.
Easy & Delicious Sides - Ever wonder what to do with some of those vegetables you see in the grocery store?  In this class, learn how to make simple & nutritious sides with a focus on greens & veggies that take only minutes to prepare. 
Burger Bites - It's grilling season once again!  Get ready for those spring & summer get-togethers with this class.  In it you will learn how to make a variety of mouthwatering burgers for everyones taste including; meat, bean and grain based burgers.
Spring Soups - Learn how to make fabulous dairy-free creamed soups, broth based soups and hearty, chunky-style soups. 
Marinades Inspired by Flavors From Around the Globe -  Are you tired of the same old chicken, tofu or vegetable dishes?  These marinades will fill your culinary world with flavors from around the globe!  
...and so much more!
What classes would you like us to offer?  Drop us line and let us know what your favorite class ideas are!