Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Gluten-Free Options Packed With Nutrition

I know.  It's far easier to pick-up ready-made, gluten-free items at the grocery store than it is to go to the trouble of making it from scratch at home.  After all, who has time to learn which flour goes with what starch and what grains are no longer an option.  And nutrition - who's thinking about that?  Most of us would be happy just to sit down and eat an enjoyable something... something that's gluten-free.

That said, nutrition is key to getting our health back - and keeping it!  So, here are some quick and easy food options that, when given the next opportunity, will help you to make healthier food choices.
  • Instead of... baked goods made with white rice flour  
  • Choose... baked goods made with brown rice flour, buckwheat flour, nut flours and ground chia seeds.
  • Insead of... corn starch  
  • Choose... tapioca and arrowroot starch.
  • Instead of... white rice 
  • Choose... brown rice, millet, amaranth, gluten-free oats, buckwheat groats, quinoa or a combination of them.
  • Instead of... cold cereal like corn flakes & rice crisps
  • Choose... eggs or tofu scramble or a breakfast bean burrito    
  • Instead of... gf pretzles 
  • Choose... trail mix with nuts, dried fruit, coconut, pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds
Choosing the healthier option often offers more vitamins and minerals, more healthy fats, less sodium, less processed sugars and overall good health.  Bon Appetite'!